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Immune Support Probiotic - 60 Delayed Release Capsules

Immune Support Probiotic - 60 Delayed Release Capsules

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    DOCTOR FORMULATED: Reinforce your body’s first line of defense. Most microbes, viruses and other external threats to your health must make it through your digestive system first. Make sure it's in tip-top condition and give it the probiotic boost it requires to stay strong and healthy.
      BENEFIT FROM THE POWER OF VIT-C & ZINC: Vitamin C and zinc are powerful antioxidants and two of the most important nutrients you need to maintain a healthy immune system. A deficiency of either could seriously affect your health, so we've made sure that this great nutritional supplement is chock-full of both!
        HERBAL IMMUNE SUPPORT MATRIX: To maximize efficiency, we've enriched the probiotic formula with a composite immune system support matrix. By combining extracts of Reishi mushroom, Echinacea purpurea and Astragalus root powder, this supplement offers your immune system a unique herbal edge.
          IMPROVE YOUR GUT & OVERALL HEALTH: Improving your gut health and digestion will provide you with a slew of other direct and indirect health benefits, such as a well-balanced metabolism, increased energy, improved mood, weight loss and an overall feeling of well-being!
            • Independently tested
            • Made in the USA


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