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Women's Health Probiotic - 60 Delayed Release Caps

Women's Health Probiotic - 60 Delayed Release Caps

Saz Products

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    BOOST YOUR URINARY & VAGINAL HEALTH: Probiotics are beneficial for everyone, but doubly so for women. By balancing your positive gut flora, they also keep the vaginal area somewhat acidic, thus creating an environment hostile to infectious bacteria, yeast growth, and other unpleasant and harmful microorganisms.
      GET GREAT PMS & MENSTRUAL BENEFITS: In addition to reducing the risk for urinary tract infections and vaginitis, probiotics have even more positive effects on women. A healthy feminine flora is also a great way to help regulate PMS, provide relief to menstrual pain and cramps and aid you through menopause.
        DOCTOR FORMULATED HERBAL EXTRACT FORMULA: To maximize effectiveness, we've enriched the probiotic formula with a composite women's health support matrix. By combining extracts of cranberry, black cohosh & ashwagandha root, this supplement offers your feminine health a unique herbal edge.
          IMPROVE YOUR GUT & OVERALL HEALTH: Improving your gut health and digestion will provide you with a slew of other direct and indirect health benefits, such as a well-balanced metabolism, increased energy, improved mood and an overall feeling of well-being!
            LIFETIME WARRANTY: At Saz Products, we have great confidence in our probiotic health and nutritional supplements. After all, we use them ourselves! If, however, you feel that they do not meet your high standards, feel free to contact our customer service department. Your satisfaction is paramount!
                • LIFETIME GUARANTEE
                • Independently tested
                • Made in the USA

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